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  • Jeffrey Sachs on Obama, #OccupyWallStreet and Money in Politics
  • Paul Krugman: On President Obama's Response to the Financial Crisis
  • Jack Welch with Stephen Adler: The Global Century
  • Diane von Furstenberg with Norman Pearlstine: Getting Started in Fashion
  • Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz with Norman Pearlstine
  • Arianna Huffington with Norman Pearlstine: Third World America
  • General Electric Chief Executive Jeffrey Immelt with Norman Pearlstine
  • Eliot Spitzer with Jeff Greenfield
  • The Art of Giving: The Future of Philanthropy
  • The Business of PR
  • Bill Gates with Matthew Bishop: The Business of Giving
  • Joseph Stiglitz, John Paulson and Matthew Bishop: What's Next for the Financial Sector and Economy?