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  • Mashable NextUp NYC: Lessons From the Local Internet Startup Community
  • Muhammad Yunus with Jeffrey Sachs: A More Humane Capitalism
  • Eli Broad and Matthew Bishop: Philanthropy and Newspapers
  • Paul Krugman and David Brancaccio: Toward a Great Society
  • Magic Johnson with Stephen J. Adler: Basketball and Business
  • Understanding Our World: Bob Schieffer in Conversation with Leonard Lopate at the 92Y
  • Norman Lear and Stephen Adler
  • Robert Reich with Tom Herman: Supercapitalism
  • Bruce Wasserstein and Stephen Adler
  • Jack Welch and Suzy Welch with Stephen Adler - Winning: The Answers
  • Lou Dobbs with Charlie Rose: Free Trade
  • Rich Cohen: Sweet and Low