Elie Wiesel, 1928-2016

There is no tradition we are more proud of than being the home of Elie Wiesel’s lectures. For more than 45 years, Professor Wiesel delighted, challenged and engaged our community. He represented—in fact he defined—the greatest beliefs of our organization: the unparalleled capacity of civil dialogue to change minds, the unlimited potential of education and the arts to change lives, and the eternal Jewish values of learning, self-improvement, giving back, and repairing the world.

In these recordings, Elie Wiesel leaves us a tremendous legacy. He teaches about pain and suffering, and about recovery. He teaches about despair, and about hope. He teaches about humanity’s capacity for evil, but also about the possibility of courage and resistance, and about our capacity to sacrifice for a higher good. Ultimately, he teaches about renewal, joy, and life.

We could not be more blessed to have been his students.