Alec Ross, David Petraeus, Cori Bargmann and Jared Cohen: Industries of the Future


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Innovation and policy expert Alec Ross, General (Ret) David Petraeus, neurobiologist Dr. Cori Bargmann and Google’s Jared Cohen will discuss what it will take to unleash the genius that will create and lead the industries of the future.

If that last 10 years are any indication, the next 10 years will bring massive changes to the workplace, the way we do business and the way we live in a global economy. The fields likely to shape our economic future are robotics, cybersecurity, gene-mapping and big data, among others. Where are we likely to stumble? How can we adapt to the changing nature of work? Is the prospect of cyberwar sparking a digital arms race? And what can we do as parents to prepare our children for 2026 and beyond? 92Y brings together a panel uniquely qualified to address these questions, bringing global experience, scientific expertise and highly developed perspectives on policy to a fascinating discussion about the future of our world.