Being Twentysomething


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What is it like to be a not-quite-adult today, and how does that compare to previous generations? A conversation about what it’s like (or what it was like) to be at the time of life when you finally have to start making adult decisions about careers, marriage, family and friends. How are timelines shifting? Is being young harder today than it used to be?

Featuring an all-star panel of experts who have given some thought to the trials and tribulations of being young:

Michael Winerip, editor, The New York Times “Booming” blog, a Baby Boomer and the father of twentysomethings
Anna Holmes, founding editor of Jezebel and a member of Generation X
Emily Gould, another Gen X-er, author of And The Heart Says Whatever and founder of
Brian Stelter, media reporter and “Media Decoder” blogger, The New York Times, a Millennial social networking whiz kid

Moderators: Robin Marantz Henig and Samantha Henig co-authors, Twentysomething: Why Do Young Adults Seem Stuck?. Robin (a Baby Boomer) is a freelance journalist and author of 8 previous books. Her daughter Samantha (a Millennial) is the web editor of The New York Times Magazine.