In Conversation with VH-1’s “The Gossip Table”


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The Evolution of Gossip—what is it? Why do so many people find it irresistible? How far back does it go? How has it changed over the years from content to dissemination? Does it serve any purpose at all? Who had it, has it and why? What’s the relationship between gossip and power? Low brow or hi brow gossip—is there a difference? Famous gossips, what role does social media play? How do our guests get their scoops? Biggest scoop to date? Toughest dilemmas they faced/ face?

Moderators Rush and Molloy; former Daily News Gossip columnists and authors of Scandal: A Manual, the Inside Story of America’s Infamous Gossip Columnists, lead a discussion with the hosts of VH-1’s “The Gossip Table,” Rob Shuter (, Marianne Garvey, (NY Daily News), Noah Levy (In Touch Weekly), Delaina Dixon ( and Chloe Melas (