David Corn Details “Groundswell”: A Cage Match Between Ginni Thomas And Karl Rove


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Mother Jones Washinton D.C. Bureau Chief David Corn recently sat down with 92Y Producer Jordan Chariton at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington D.C. to reveal the details from his investigative report on the conservative messaging group Groundswell.

As part of our extensive conversation, Corn details the high level members taking part in Groundswell, the “collusion” between the group and conservative journalists, how the messaging formulation is built, and what the groups ultimate mission is.

“Groundswell is a messaging strategy coalition, kind of hush hush, wasn’t announced really to the world, that was set up by some conservatives after the Republican defeat in last year’s election,” Corn said, adding, “All these advocates…are sitting around hatching talking points, messaging points, strategies for beating back progressive groups, congressional Democrats, the White House, but also Karl Rove.”

Corn further detailed how Groundswell “can’t stand” Karl Rove and other “squishy” House Republicans who they deem as too compromising with Democrats and President Obama:

“If you take a step back and think about this, we got like a cage match or a civil war on the right between Ginni Thomas, wife of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and a Tea Party organizer in her own right, versus Karl Rove, the guy who got George Bush elected, and really helped create the modern right to benefit the Republicans.”

Corn went on to explain the communication that has gone on between members of Groundswell and reporters from Breitbart.com as well as legislative aides to Republican lawmakers.

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This interview was filmed at The Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C. For more information on the Jefferson, visit www.jeffersondc.com.