Immigration, Identity & the 2016 Election



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2043 is closer than you think — when the US tips from a majority white country to a majority minority country, Millennials will be in charge. How will today’s attitudes and election-year arguments over immigration, equality and diversity shape the culture of the country as it makes a dramatic demographic shift? Join host Aasif Mandvi of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and a panel of comedians, activists and political commentators for an insightful and fun look at how immigration shapes individual lives, communities and American identity as a whole.

Guests include comedian, author and director/producer of The Muslims are Coming Negin Farsad; national political commentator and the Senior Writer for Opportunity Lives Israel Ortega; human rights leader and Ford Foundation program officer Eric K. Ward and a very special surprise guest.

The event is co-presented with PRI & Mic as part of The UnConvention, an initiative to engage millennials in meaningful civic conversations during this year’s election season.