Larry Summers on Economic Policies of Bernie Sanders, Donald Trump and Ted Cruz


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Larry Summers talks with Thane Rosenbaum about the economic policies of Ted Cruz, Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

On Ted Cruz’s economic policies: “They violate all the laws of arithmetic…they seem egregiously dangerous.”

On Bernie Sanders: “I think there are a number of themes in Senator Sanders campaign with which I have considerable sympathy. I think he is right to elevate the question of inequality. I think he is right that too much in our politics has been driven by financial interests, rather than what’s ultimately in the interest of the country…I think the idea that bankers are on the boards of directors of Federal Reserve banks is just an odd thing to do, given that the job of the Federal Reserve board is in substantial part to regulate the activities of banks.”

Here’s what he had to say about President Obama’s term, and about BDS on college campuses.

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