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Women in Leadership: Ursula Burns, Debora Spar and Indra Nooyi with Bill George

Wed, Sep 8, 8:15 pm ET

Bill George, Harvard University management professor and author of True North and Discover Your True North, moderates a panel of distinguished women including chairman and chief executive officer of Xerox Ursula M. Burns, Barnard College’s President Debora Spar and PepsiCo’s Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi to discuss the challenges women face in leadership today.
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Iman: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis

Wed, Sep 8, 7:30 pm ET

The award-winning creator and organizer of Fashion Week in New York and cities across the globe, Fern Mallis has been an industry game changer in the world of fashion and design for more than 35 years. A former senior vice president of IMG Fashion and executive director of CFDA, she is the author of Fashion Lives: Fashion Icons with Fern Mallis, published by Rizzoli, which features no-holds-barred interviews, combined with never-before-seen personal photographs from interviewees such as Tom Ford, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Donna Karan, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, Betsey Johnson, Polly Mellen, Bruce Weber and more. She is currently the president of her own leading international fashion and design consultancy, Fern Mallis LLC.
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Chelsea Clinton: It’s Your World: Get Informed, Get Inspired & Get Going!

Mon, Sep 21, 7:30 pm ET

You’re never too young to make a difference. That’s the message in Chelsea Clinton’s inspiring and motivational first book for young readers. Sharing the passion she’s had since childhood, Chelsea breaks down some of the world’s biggest challenges and tells inspiring stories of young people who are already making an impact on their own communities and around the globe. A book signing will follow the event.
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Cindy Crawford with Fern Mallis: A Fashion Icons Book Launch Event

Tue, Sep 29, 7:30 pm ET

One of the original supermodels, Cindy Crawford defined that pivotal moment when fashion models became cultural stars. In her new book, Becoming, Cindy combines over 150 of her most iconic images with essays that highlight the lessons learned along the way. Join Cindy Crawford and Fern Mallis as this fashion legend shares her journey—finding the courage to leave her small home town, learning to say no and overcome fears, explaining the art of modeling and how some of the biggest fashion photographers helped shape her and her thoughts on body image and aging. A book signing follows.
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Martha Stewart and Ruth Reichl with Peter Elliot: Recipe for a Great Conversation

Tue, Sep 29, 8:15 pm ET

When two of the most influential forces in culinary culture take the stage, it’s a veritable foodie fantasy, not to mention the perfect recipe for great talk. With her 85th book, Martha Stewart’s Appetizers, Emmy Award-winning television show host and bestselling author Martha Stewart continues to revolutionize how America thinks about cooking, entertaining and home design. She joins James Beard Award-winning author and former Gourmet editor and New York Times food critic, Ruth Reichl, who is launching My Kitchen Year, her first new cookbook in forty years, this fall. In the fall of 2009, the food world was rocked when Gourmet magazine was abruptly shuttered by its parent company. No one was more stunned by this unexpected turn of events than its beloved editor in chief, Ruth Reichl, who suddenly faced an uncertain professional future. As she struggled to process what had seemed unthinkable, Reichl turned to the one place that had always provided sanctuary. “I did what I always do when I’m confused, lonely, or frightened,” she writes. “I disappeared into the kitchen.”
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Richard Dawkins with Robert Krulwich on Brief Candle in the Dark

Wed, Sep 30, 7:30 pm ET

With The Selfish Gene, Richard Dawkins helped steer evolutionary science into the 21st century. The God Delusion catapulted him to intellectual stardom and celebrity. Polemical in his attack upon religion as an explanation of his world, he is funny, outrageous, wise and enlightening—often simultaneously. He’s just written a new memoir—Brief Candle in the Dark—and is joined by “Radiolab’s” Robert Krulwich to look back on a lifetime of tireless intellectual adventure and engagement.
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S.H.E. Summit 2015

Tue & Wed, Oct 6 & 7, 10 am – 5 pm ET

Each year, a unique event takes place to celebrate & accelerate the global advancement of women … the advancement of YOU. The global women’s leadership and lifestyle event is back with the most powerful roster of speakers, programming, attendees and partners yet. In its 4th year, S.H.E. Summit is an unforgettable, once-a-year experience designed to: Propel your next phase of personal and professional success. Shift you into your MOST EMPOWERED state of self. Re-align you with authentic goals and values. Add game changing relationships to your career and network. Realize your personal power to drive today’s modern women’s movement.
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Amy Robach in Conversation

Wed, Oct 7, 7:30 pm ET

“Good Morning America” anchor Amy Robach was enjoying a successful career when in November 2013 she agreed to have a live, televised mammography in Times Square to raise awareness for breast cancer. Little did she know she’d be embarking on the most difficult journey of her life. Join her as she shares stories about the people she’s met in her career and her new memoir, Better: How I Let Go of Control, Held Onto Hope, and Found Joy in My Darkest Hour. She’ll speak candidly about how her illness impacted her family life and her marriage, tapped into her deepest fears and strengths, and transformed her in ways she never could have imagined.
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Donna Karan in Conversation

Thu, Oct 15, 7:30 pm ET

In her new deeply personal and sometimes provocative memoir My Journey designer Donna Karan shares her life story, including intimate and candid stories of her difficult and isolated childhood (the daughter of a tailor and a showroom model-turned-Seventh Avenue saleswoman); her nearly five decades in an ever-evolving fashion industry; her two marriages; motherhood; and her spiritual journey over the last twenty years. Since she introduced her game-changing Seven Easy Pieces fashion collection in 1985 (which allowed working women to trade their manly suits for sensual, comfortable separates), she has never lost sight of her life goal: to empower women. In this, her first book, she interweaves the journey of her incredible career (from scrappy Anne Klein intern to lifestyle guru) with her personal ups and downs as a young woman plagued by insecurities, a wife and mother straddling the personal and the professional, and a spiritual seeker and philanthropist.
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Gloria and Emilio Estefan

Mon, Oct 19, 7:30 pm ET

Music icons Emilio and Gloria Estefan are Broadway bound as they bring their story of true love and international success to the stage. Join them to hear about On Your Feet! The Musical—opening at the Marquis Theatre in October—the story of their life, their 36-year-old marriage and their love—for each other, for America and for music.
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Welcome to Night Vale: Joseph Fink, Jeffrey Cranor and Cecil Baldwin with Lev Grossman

Thu, Oct 22, 7:30 pm ET

Even if you’re the last person on the planet to get hooked on Welcome to Night Vale, you’ll want to be there when Joseph Fink and Jeffrey Cranor, co-creators of the #1 international hit podcast, sit down with Cecil Baldwin, the voice of Night Vale, to discuss their new novel and how it fits into the world of the podcast. Join them to hear more about this comedic, peculiar and poetic phenomenon. Welcome to Night Vale is a twice-monthly podcast in the style of community updates for the small desert town of Night Vale, featuring local weather, news, announcements from the Sheriff’s Secret Police, mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers and cultural events. Turn on your radio and hide.
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Ted Koppel with Charlie Rose on Lights Out

Wed, Oct 28, 7:30 pm ET

When Ted Koppel issues a warning, you listen. The ABC News veteran who’s won every significant TV award (including 42 Emmys) tells us that a major cyber attack on America’s power grid is not only possible, but likely. Such an attack would be devastating—potentially leaving us without power for weeks or months. Scarier still is his revelation that the US is shockingly unprepared: the Department of Homeland Security has no plan for handling the aftermath of an attack. Join one of our most renowned journalists to examine the reality of the threat—and ways we can prepare for catastrophe, as outlined in his new book, Lights Out.
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David Brooks and Mark Shields

Sun, Nov 1, 7:30 pm ET

When commentators of the caliber of syndicated columnist Mark Shields and The New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks get together to discuss today’s major issues, you know you’re in for an illuminating and stimulating evening. The PBS “NewsHour” sparring partners will present their views, analyze the day’s news and maybe even make a prediction or two on the outcomes of election 2016.
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Nicholas Burns and Jon Huntsman: The Big Issues: US-China Relations and Foreign Policy

Thu, Nov 12, 8:15 pm ET

The rise of China will be a key issue in the election and pose challenges to the United States for decades to come. What is the current state of US-China relations and how should a new administration handle our complex relationship with Beijing? Join two leading foreign policy experts for a penetrating discussion about the future course of the United States and China and the role foreign policy will have in the choice of our next leader.
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Michael Bar-Zohar with Judtih Miller: Inside the Death-Defying Missions of the Israeli Special Forces

Sun, Nov 15, 5 pm ET

Top Israeli espionage expert Michael Bar-Zohar is joined by Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalist Judith Miller for a riveting look inside the most daring and white-knuckle missions of the Israeli Special Forces, as told in his new book, No Mission Is Impossible. They spotlight some of the soldiers and top commanders from Israel’s past and present—including Ariel Sharon, Ehud Barak, the brothers Netanyahu, and others—who made them happen, revealing the skill, strength and incredible courage of the men and women behind these crucial missions that shaped Israel and the world at large. They will also address the role of the Mossad, the subject of Mr. Bar-Zohar’s previous bestselling book, Mossad: The Greatest Missions of the Israel Secret Service.
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Sara Benincasa with Michael Ian Black on D.C. Trip

Mon, Nov 16, 8:15 pm ET

Author and comedian Sara Benincasa and actor/comedian/author Michael Ian Black (“Wet Hot American Summer” on Netflix; “Another Period” on Comedy Central) discuss growing up as East Coast kids, adventures or lack thereof in Washington, DC, and the perils and pleasures of writing a book. Join us on November 16th as Sara discusses her newest book, D.C. Trip — an honest and irreverent journey of sexual confusion, bar shots, drag queens, and pot cookies in the Rose Garden. “Sara Benincasa’s D.C. Trip is as wicked, dirty, funny and surprisingly poignant as her comedy. It’s a wild, hilarious, and very grown-up ride into the world of teenagers and the adults charged with their care. Read it and laugh your ass off.” — Jill Soloway, creator of Golden Globe-award winning series “Transparent”
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