Molly Ball: The Smart Read


The Atlantic staff writer, Molly Ball, shares the three smartest things she read this week.

Paul Ryan Can’t Lose by Mark Leibovich, New York Times
Leibovich, whose political profiles are always a great read, captures the VP nominee drinking beer, watching football and nursing a head cold on the campaign trail as he ponders his role in the race and his political future.

Romney’s first step into political arena, vs. Ted Kennedy in 1994, was a cautious one by Jason Horowitz, Washington Post
As the presidential campaign nears a close, it’s a good time to look back on Romney’s first run, against Sen. Ted Kennedy in 1994. “He blamed his loss on the tactics of his campaign staff, the bias of the media and the electorate’s inability to appreciate what he had to offer,” Horowitz writes.

Bill & Hillary Forever by John Heilemann, New York Magazine
Bill Clinton has been crucial to Obama’s reelection effort, even as Obama has helped burnish Clinton’s legacy. How they got to this point — and what the future may hold. (New York’s election issue this week also features excellent pieces by Jonathan Chait and Joe Hagan.)