On the 7th Day: Spiritual Genius and the Sabbath


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The biblical story of the world’s creation builds rest and reflection into the very architecture of existence. As human beings created in God’s image, we, too, set aside the 7th day each week to connect with the divine, and to rediscover the divine spark within ourselves—to tap into the creative power we have been imbued with to transform our lives and to change the world. By liberating us from our daily routine, and giving us the freedom to focus on what matters most, the Shabbat is a day to develop the capacity for genius that twentieth century philosopher and theologian Martin Buber attributed to spiritual trailblazers, like Moses and Maimonides, “to unite the way of earth with that of heaven.” Join Rabbi Jen E. Krause in conversation with relationship & communications expert Esther Perel, best-selling author & entrepreneur Michael Ellsberg, and author, psychiatrist and “Today Show” contributor Gail Saltz as we explore the spiritual genius that dwells within us all.