Person Place Thing Episode 78: Sean & Chris Kelly


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Sean Kelly was a founding editor of the National Lampoon and went on to write for children’s television, including the Magic School Bus and Shining Time Station. I bonded with his son, Chris Kelly, when we both wrote for Michael Moore’s TV show, an unpalatable experience from which Chris recovered sufficiently to become the head writer on Bill Maher’s first series. I prefer family sagas where a father’s towering achievement is squandered by his dissipated heir in revenge for paternal lunacy, but here are two generations of accomplished and amiable humor writers. Listen anyway.

  • PERSON: musician Steve Goodman

  • PLACE: the Grave of Wilfred H. Hell (not here)

  • THING: a Hagar The Horrible cartoon (not this one)


  • RANDY’S PLACE: a New Orleans strip club (not this one)