Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks: Not in God’s Name—Confronting Religious Violence


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Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks, one of the most admired religious leaders of our time delivers a major address on how we can understand and confront religious violence.

In his powerful and timely new book, Not in God’s Name, Rabbi Sacks tackles the phenomenon of religious extremism. If religion is perceived to be part of the problem, he argues, then it must also form part of the solution. To do this, according to Rabbi Sacks, you first have to understand the concept of “altruistic evil”, of violence committed in the name of God. It is only by understanding our collective past that we will be able to build a better future, one where the three Abrahamic monotheisms—Judaism, Christianity and Islam—exist side-by-side in peace.

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear this major address by one of the world’s most highly regarded faith leaders.