Sandra Fluke: The Smart Read


Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke, who testified in front of Congress regarding the Affordable Care Act’s contraception mandate, and earlier this year took part in 92Y’s Running in Heels: Where Are the Women Candidates for 2012 and How Can We Get More of Them event, shares the three smartest things she read this week.

Free contraception for women provision of Obama health care law starts today by Ryan Jaslow, CBS NEWS
The August 1 effective date of the Affordable Care Act Women’s Preventive Health Services regulations was the big news for me this week. I really appreciate that this write-up lays out all eight of the benefits included, not just contraception coverage, and that it discusses how access to these preventive services will impact women’s health.

Romney tax plan would burden lower earners, analysis says by Lori Montgomery, The Seattle Times
I’m always looking for news stories like this one that talk about the actual policies proposed by candidates and their consequences as analyzed by experts. This is what our political campaigns should be about! This study is particularly illuminating, coming from the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, which Gov. Romney previously called “an objective, third-party.”

Health, faith and birth control, Los Angeles Times
My home town paper points out the absurdity of one of numerous politically and ideologically motivated cases attacking the Affordable Care Act contraception regulation.  The good news is that this decision was due to an easy legal standard for getting an injunction in that particular court, and the court can, and should, ultimately uphold the contraception regulation.