SCANDAL! If Alex Pareene Was A Cable News Executive…


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As part of 92Y’s partnership with, political writer Alex Pareene spoke with us about the scandals the political press has been covering lately, and which stories are the real scandals he would have his hypothetical news station cover…if he was a cable news executive.

Alex’s first scandal is the Obama administrations “war on leaks and whistle-blowers,” which he sees as an unprecedented degree of targeting by a presidential administration toward journalists.

Pareene sees illegal bank foreclosures as another scandal, as there were lots of homeowners that had banks illegally screw up their paperwork, thus having their homes foreclosed on. He adds:

To this day there are people who can’t get their underwater homes, their mortgages refinanced, and the banks are still treating them like crap.

The third scandal is income inequality, which Pareene thinks gets lost in the shuffle when there is a hot new thing to talk about.

Finally, Pareene sees the growing number of gun homicides—and the press’s reaction to it—as an outrage:

The press treats gun death as a normal American way of life, and not as the outrage that it really is.

Ok your turn to play cable news executive…what are the scandals going on you would be covering? Leave a comment!