Malcolm Gladwell on Occupy Wall Street, Advice From His Father, and Student Debt


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Malcolm Gladwell talks with Ariel Levy about his father’s advice to him (don’t become a journalist), the current reality among young adults leaving college “encumbered… with mortgage level debts,” and his thoughts on the Occupy Wall Street.

“I think they have to get angrier,” he said. “I do think there is a weird absence of anger on the part of people who unhappy with the status quo. And there’s even an absence of anger in our President, which I think would be appropriate for him to get angry with the way things have gone. There’s nothing wrong with standing up and saying ‘this is bullsh*t!’ Right? I inherited a mess. I’m trying to clean it up and I need your help. There’s nothing wrong with saying that. Liberals… shouldn’t let the conservatives co-opt all of the anger in the system.”