Blitzscaling: LinkedIn co-founder and Greylock VC Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh with Airbnb COO Belinda Johnson


What is “blitzscaling”? “The science and art of rapidly building a company to serve a large and usually global market,” says Reid Hoffman, and he knows what he’s talking about: After co-founding PayPal, Hoffman launched LinkedIn in 2002 and became a billionaire.

Uncover the secrets to starting and scaling massively valuable companies when Hoffman, a partner in the venture capital firm Greylock, and Chris Yeh—co-authors of the new Blitzscaling: the Lightning-Fast Path to Building Billion-Dollar Companies—share the stage with Airbnb COO Belinda Johnson. What does it take to be a high-level 21st century entrepreneur, and what incredible start-up success stories are on the horizon?

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