Don’t Miss a Beat: Ari Melber, Liz Plank, and Maya Wiley in Conversation on the Midterm Elections


It is being hailed as the election of a lifetime with implications and reverberations that could dramatically reshape the course of American history.

Will democrats flip congress? Will women and minorities turn out in record numbers and determine the outcome? Can we trust the latest polls? Can we be assured the results are valid? With the Midterms just five days away, don’t miss this opportunity to hear from three of the most insightful and influential minds at the intersection of politics, law, and journalism discuss and debate the questions on everybody’s minds.

Ari Melber, an Emmy Award-winning journalist, writer and attorney, is the host of The Beat with Ari Melber airing nightly at 6 pm ET on MSNBC. Liz Plank is an award-winning journalist and the Executive Producer of Divided States of Women at Vox Media. Maya Wiley, a nationally renowned expert on racial justice and equity, is the Senior Vice President for Social Justice at the New School.