Fareed Zakaria and Eliot Spitzer: After Iraq–Conclusions and Consequences


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Fareed Zakaria, host of “Fareed Zakaria GPS” on CNN, spoke with Eliot Spitzer about Libya, Syria, Governor Walker’s battle with public unions in Wisconsin, and immigration. On the fight over collective bargaining in Wisconsin, Spitzer had this to say: “The reality that unions have significant leverage is mirrored by the power of corporations, other political entities. That does not provide for me a significant basis to take away their organizational rights. It does mean that Governors, anybody negotiating for the public, needs to be incredibly tough. And you can be. And in fact, the unions in Wisconsin said, ‘we will give you all of the financial give backs you want, we understand the fiscal distress. But do not take away our associational right.’ It’s like saying to people ‘we don’t like the outcome of the election, we’re taking away your right to vote.’ No, you make your case more persuasively, negotiate more aggressively. So I sympathize with the budgetary crisis, but not the remedy of changing our fundamental constitutional rights that we provide to people.”