Features Of Using Shower Head With LED Backlight


The Hose Rainbow

A modern world where you get to apply colors to your everyday bath can actually be seen in the present moment, either as a sweet old spice for those looking to make things a little different, a powerful mood changing device to boost up the end of a restless day at the office or, plain and easy, a break from the tedious light in your shower-room.

What is the what?

So what can this new device provide that makes you want to grab it from the shelves? Breaking it down to basics, it’s the best led shower head that brings light directly to the flow of water, using various colors that will deliver a vivid new experience to the day to day activity we all enjoy read about this more on here. Either you choose a pattern of your own for the color change, or you just adhere to the mantra Feng Shui artists depict regarding which chromatic appearance is needed to improve life at a certain moment, this mechanism will be the magic drop in a glass of fresh water.


Ok, we got it settled for what is does, but what does it really do? Imagine a little bit of romance when you get home, dropping the lights down low and setting a blue-pink alternation of hue just for the pleasure of seeing how everything reflects on the water droplets that pour over your body. Imagine, yet more, not arguing with your little ones as they have to undergo another terrorizing bath. The peace and quit. The mood switch. Color therapy in your own home. A rainbow right out of the sky and directly in the freshness of your bathroom. Can you resist?


The negative side goes strictly to the company you prefer to buy from. Either this or that, most people find it hard to point fingers at one reliable company, as most find satisfying what other do not. A short bucket list would go:

Bad grip;

Light changing not customer friendly to use;

Too light weighted and feels cheap;

Too big shower head, consuming too much water;

Some electrical problems that cause the light to go off at unpredictable times;

Short living span;

The shower head still releases some droplets for about an hour after the end of the shower;

Can rust.

Which to buy

Deciding to invest in a device like this takes time and a lot of consideration. Whether the company seems untrustworthy or the gear doesn’t fit the design you are looking for, follow a few easy questions and we promise you are set!

1.     Do I want a rain shower head or a portable one?

2.     How many colors do I actually need?

3.     Should my device have other amenities incorporated, such as Bluetooth, music, hot air, a timer?

4.     Am I looking for a small head or a big one?

5.     Is water pressure an issue?

6.     Do I have the means to install the mechanism?

7.     How much am I willing to spend reported to quality?

And the list can go on and on. Take into consideration that you are adding a piece of electricity to the bath and should always double check for security before anything else. Although the device might seem like a first world problem, the price ranges from $30 to $70 for a higher quality product, but it can be found on various websites as low as $10.

Do I want it?

Sure as hell! Not to be high maintenance or what-not, but I find light changing therapy to be one of the best advantages the swimming pool in my neighborhood offers. The fact that I can actually decide on a color or see them change as water pressure and temperature shifts is only a bigger pro for me. And last, but not least, even my dog is distracted by the new environment in our bathroom and stops fighting during her baths. What more can I ask for?

Yes and no

The eco-friendly will go out of their minds with this new device, as it has been said that water consumption goes through the roof, mostly because you forget to get out of the shower, but also because it has not yet been perfected to a point where you can adjust water leakage to a perfect degree. But I keep my ground, if it makes you smile and it gives you joy, have this treat just for the sake of happy moments.