Genius: Mind, Brain, and Molecules: Robert Michels, Larry Swanson, Thomas M. Jessell with Eric R. Kandel, M.D.


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In the 20th Century a remarkable intellectual synthesis was achieved among three previously distinct disciplines: Cognitive Psychology, Brain Science and Molecular Biology. In each of these areas one or at most two people had the genius of vision to define their area of interest in a highly original manner that encouraged other people to join and broaden the disciplines.

Sigmund Freud, a brain scientist, developed psychoanalysis, the first cognitive psychology, and predicted it would someday join forces with brain science.

Santiago Ramon y Cajal, a brain anatomist, formulated the Neuron Doctrine which provided the basis for our modern understanding of how the nerves cells in the brain communicate with one another.

Otto Loewi and Henry Dale two biochemically oriented physiologist identified the first molecules that serve as chemical transmitters—the signaling molecules whereby one nerve cell communicates with another.

The Challenge for the 21st Century is to carry this convergence forward and complete the grand synthesis of Mind, Brain and Molecules.

Join three distinguished scholars and scientists as they navigate the future of the mind and genius. Moderator by Nobel Laureate, Dr. Eric Kandel.