Gloria Steinem: How Young Women Can Embrace The Word Feminism


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Gloria Steinem answers an audience question at 92Y on March 5 during the MAKERS event.

The audience member asked how women can help other young women embrace the word feminism. “Send them to the dictionary,” Steinem said. “No seriously,” she continued. “Because it has been demonized by Rush Limbaugh and company.”

Makers, a forthcoming PBS documentary and current oral history project, amplifies the contribution trailblazing women have made to America, past and present.

Anu Bhagwati, Betsy West, Amy Richards, Dyllan McGee, and Reshman Saujani were also on stage.

From Oprah Winfrey and Katie Couric to Condoleeza Rice, MAKERS features some of the most celebrated women in America and highlights those who have been pressing for change in all fields—sports, science, art, politics and more.