Inside the New Superpowers: China, India and What’s Next for the U.S. with Robert Gates and Anja Manuel


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If you want a glimpse into the future of the world economy, look no further than the corridors of power that are emerging in China and India.

As a former State Department official who negotiated on behalf of the United States for the U.S.-India civilian nuclear accord, Anja Manuel will give an indispensable account of how China and India will become world powers in the next decade that will have veto powers over key international decisions. In her new book This Brave New World, Manuel pulls back the curtain on how the leaders in these two countries operate so that America can act now to shape a peaceful and beneficial partnership with these nations.

No one knows more about the perils of international unrest than former Defense Secretary Robert Gates. In this talk they lay out the vital role that America must play in this crucial diplomatic dynamic which will shape the 21st century.