Jeff Greenfield: Jon Huntsman’s Real Message Is About Both Parties (Full Video)


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While Jon Huntsman’s comments about the GOP at 92Y on Sunday night have been making headlines on political sites across the Internet, let’s turn to the moderator of the evening, veteran journalist Jeff Greenfield, for his perspective:

The real message he is carrying is that both parties–the “duopoly,” as he calls it—are paralyzed by polarization and inertia, and that the Republican Party in particular is pursuing an “unsustainable” course.

Why, I asked him, shouldn’t Republicans learn from their 2010 midterm victory that an unswerving opposition to Obama is politically profitable?

Because, he replied, “it’s unsustainable. It can’t last more than a cycle or two. … With the political center hollowed out, the American people are going to say, who’s going to populate the center where you’ll get things done?”

Watch the full video of Sunday’s event above and let us know what you think.