Joy Behar: Being Funny is More Fun Than Having Boyfriend—Especially If You’re a Lesbian


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Joy Behar, the departing co-host of “The View,” joined comedian Judy Gold for a night of laughs at 92Y on March 12, 2012. In this clip, Behar chimed in on Sheryl Sandberg’s buzz-worthy new book.

Behar agreed with Sandberg’s assessment that powerful men are viewed favorably where as powerful women are unlikeable.

“It’s really hard for women because we really would like to be likeable…we’re not out there to make people hate us. As comedians it’s a very tricky thing because you want to be likeable on stage, but you also have to be edgy and bitchy and take shots at people and all the good stuff that makes people laugh.”

Behar also commended a 10-year-old female comedian, joking:

“Good for you, girl. She’s not taking that road where I gotta be demure for the boys and I can’t make them laugh because they won’t like me.”

She added:

Being funny is more fun than having a boyfriend sometimes…especially if you’re a lesbian.

Women – do you feel you have to be likeable? Men – do you want them to be?”