Leading Through a Crisis: Sasha Chanoff with David Gergen


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When a leader faces a crisis and it appears that all hope for a positive outcome is lost, how does a leader access his or her deepest sense of values to make the right decision?

Sasha Chanoff will chronicle his own story of survival as a young aid worker in the war-torn Congo, and how he was able to find his moral compass when peoples’ lives were on the line. In his incredible new book, From Crisis to Calling: Finding Your Moral Center in the Toughest Decisions, Chanoff gets into the minds of leaders in business, government and the military, and the stories of dilemmas that these leaders faced is stunning. Chanoff will explain how you can become a leader and how to make the right decisions when the stakes are the highest. 92Y Talks is thrilled to have David Gergen, who has advised four former Presidents from the Oval Office, moderate this unique discussion.