The Nature of Faith: Rebecca Goldstein and Alan Lightman in Conversation with Marcelo Gleiser


Even though we live in a world where science and technology dictate more and more how we live our lives, religious belief remains widespread in this and most countries.

Why do some many people believe? Is there a difference between faith and belief? Can science contribute to this conversation? Or are science and religion fundamentally incompatible, belonging to two non-overlapping magisteria, as the late Stephen Jay Gould liked to say? Is there room for spirituality in science? Join world-renowned physicist and writer Marcelo Gleiser and his two distinguished guests, MacArthur Fellow and National Humanities Medalist, philosopher and novelist Rebecca Goldstein, and astrophysicist and acclaimed novelist Alan Lightman, for an evening where science, religion, the arts and philosophy will jointly address some of our deepest questions.

The evening is co-presented with Dartmouth College Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement, through generous support from The Templeton Foundation.