Person Place Thing Episode 41: Norman Rush


Randy encountered Norman Rush through his terrific first novel, Mating, winner of the 1991 National Book Award. It is, among other things, a novel of ideas that actually has some. Many. And it explores them with real insight into the human heart. His new novel, Subtle Bodies, was published on September 10th. He lives near High Tor in Rockland County, a place where Randy sometimes bikes with his cronies, giving him an undeserved feeling of connectedness.

  • PERSON: His father, a union organizer for the Socialist Party in Oregon

  • PLACE: Camp Meeker, a town in California on the Russian River where he spent many summers as a boy

  • THING: Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Man, the Joyce novel. He reads a passage at the end of the episode; it’s pretty terrific.

Don’t miss Norman Rush with Colum McCann at 92Y on Dec 16, 2013.