Person Place Thing Episode 5: R.L. Stine


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R.L. Stine has become enormously successful by terrifying children. Born in Columbus, Ohio, he wrote his first stories at age nine on a typewriter he found in his family’s attic. Stine attended Ohio State University, later moving to New York City where he wrote joke books for kids, and created a humor magazine, Bananas. In 1986, he changed direction with Blind Date, his first teen horror novel. In 1992, he launched the Goosebumps series, now published in 32 languages. Stine has gone on to create other series of books for young readers and has branched out into television. His new program, “The Haunting Hour,” is seen Saturday nights on HUB TV.

Person: Cartoonist Will Elder of Mad magazine
Place: A mound of smooth white stones in the woods behind his childhood home
Thing: A boxed set of 21 Laurel & Hardy DVDs