Psychobiography with Dr. Gail Saltz: On Diane Arbus with Arthur Lubow


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Diane Arbus was one of the most influential and important photographers of the twentieth century — a visionary who revolutionized photography and altered the course of contemporary art with her striking, now iconic images.

It is impossible to understand the transfixing power of Arbus’s photographs without understanding her life story. Dr. Gail Saltz talks with Arthur Lubow, whose biography of Arbus, Diane Arbus: Portrait of a Photographer, brings to life a strong-minded child of unnerving originality who grew into a formidable artist and forged an intimacy with her subjects that has inspired generations of artists. Lubow has conducted exclusive interviews with Arbus’s friends, lovers and colleagues, and read previously unknown letters, and he brings his own profound critical understanding of photography, to explore Arbus’s unique perspective.