How Science Can Save Us; How We Can Save Science — Alan Alda and Neil Shubin in Conversation with Claudia Dreifus


Why has public trust in science eroded? Why is pop culture littered with faux science ideas — from anti-vaccination fervor to documentaries on mermaids and mega sharks? Why are the debates about global warming and evolution still raging?

We need better science communicators. We need people like Alan Alda and Neil Shubin to increase public understanding of science. Why is this important? Alan Alda, the Academy Award-nominated actor, director, writer and visiting professor at Stony Brook University, has spent the latter part of his life using his skills and profile as a public figure to bridge the communication gap between scientists and the general public. He joins Neil Shubin, bestselling author and PBS host of the documentary series Your Inner Fish to talk with Claudia Dreifus not only about why science matters, but how we urgently need to find more, better ways to communicate.