The Best and Preferred Acoustic Guitar Humidifier


An acoustic guitar is a musical instrument made of wood. Its nature causes it to absorb water around them in form of moisture resulting to an expansion of its body and thereafter throws the guitar out of tune.

Humidity is a threat to an acoustic guitar thus the need of having an acoustic guitar humidifier which will keep the guitar in tune whether in times of low or high humidity. The acoustic guitar humidifier tends to prevent damage by regulating humidity whether hanged on the wall or stored in a guitar case.

Types of acoustic guitar humidifiers

The most popular acoustic guitar humidifiers consist of:

  • A Sound Hole Humidifiers
  • A Guitar Case Humidifiers
  • A Room Humidifiers

The Sound Hole Humidifier either sits between the strings of the guitar down to the sound hole or covers the hole of your guitar. They are described as being the most popular of all other humidifiers. The Guitar Case Humidifier on the other hand are located in the case of the guitar to ensure regulation of the entire case. For persons who usually hang their acoustic guitars on the walls, the Room Humidifier will be the best option for them because it ensures the whole room is regulated.

In search for the best acoustic guitar humidifier it will be prudent to appreciate and acknowledge the fact that these humidifiers vary from one to the other. There are five top acoustic guitar humidifiers that are termed as being popular. These are;

Planet Waves Guitar Humidifier

These type of acoustic guitar humidifiers protect the acoustic guitar from damage mostly in dry conditions. Enables the release of moisture in your guitar evenly without keeping contact with the guitar. The only challenge that these humidifiers have is that they tend to stretch the acoustic guitar strings when inserted.

Dampit Guitar Humidifier

The Dampit guitar humidifier is a snake-like tube in nature. It is said to efficiently work not only in hot and dry areas but also in the freezing arctic zone thus preventing cracks and facilitates the restoration of damaged wood. However, users of such humidifiers should make sure it doesn’t get so dump to either lay at the bottom of the guitar or drip in the guitar.

Kyser Humidifier

This humidifier tends to regulate humidity inside the guitar absorbing excess moisture in wet conditions and humidifies in conditions that are dry. Its removal and installation is easily done for it covers the sound hole of the guitar entirely which makes its appearance to be termed as being cool. However, it is said not to retain too much water for it appears to be thin.

Planet Waves Humidipaks

Unlike the other humidifiers, the planet waves humidipak has the ability of either releasing or absorbing moisture depending on the circumstance. Its system tends to maintain 45-50% relative humidity.

Oasis Case Humidifier

This humidifier has recently become very popular for it keeps the acoustic guitar in a proper humidity level preventing the instrument from cracking. It is advised to keep relative humidity level above 40%.

On reliance to this article, the writer’s opinion on the best acoustic guitar humidifier is the Oasis Case Humidifier due to the fact that its weaknesses are minimal if at all they exist. Planet waves humidipaks aren’t bad either. They can be a better option at the absence of the Oasis Case Humidifier.