Tomasz Rózycki: “Maps”


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Earlier this week, we featured a reading by Swedish poet Marie Lundquist, who visited the Unterberg Poetry Center on March 28 for The Tenth Muse—an evening of readings by emerging voices curated by Adam Zagajewski.

Today’s video features “Maps,” an early poem by the evening’s second reader, Tomasz Różycki, read in both Polish and English (with translator Mila Rosenthal reading her translation). Also read is an excerpt from Twelve Stations, a series of poems about Różycki’s hometown of Opole—“heroic city, thrice awarded the Silesian Order of Brilliance / and twice the Medal of the City of a Hundred Banks and One Bookstore!”—read by Różycki and a second translator, Bill Johnston.

A “vital new poet has emerged from the Polish language,” Zagajewski said of Różycki. His “poetry is serious, a private response to the historic moment.