Why We Need a Liberal Israel Lobby: Jane Eisner, Jeremy Ben-Ami, Steve Gutow, Michelle Goldberg, Eric Alterman


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The position of the mainstream Israel lobby, AIPAC, conflicts with the views and interests of many American Jews. Debate over American policy in the Middle East and the best way to end the Israeli-Palestinian crisis is broadening. Should military solutions or diplomatic ones be favored? Does the traditional Israel lobby speak for all, or even most, American Jews? How would a liberal Israel lobby approach relations with Iran and Syria and the creation of a viable Palestinian state? Panelists include: Jane Eisner, editor of The Forward; Jeremy Ben-Ami, executive director of J Street; Steve Gutow, executive director of the Jewish Council for Public Affairs; Michelle Goldberg, author of the New York Times bestseller Kingdom Coming: The Rise of Christian Nationalism; and Eric Alterman, columnist for The Nation and the author of numerous books, including Why We’re Liberals: A Political Handbook to Post-Bush America.